For some people cutting the lawn can be an arduous chore that they simply don’t look forward to – it’s necessary, but it’s not enjoyable. If you find yourself in this group you probably anticipate the weekly chore of cutting the grass with anxiety, if not outright dread. Modern technology has made cutting the grass a little easier with self-propelled lawnmowers and riding lawnmowers, but there is a third option – robotic lawnmowers.

We’re probably all familiar with robot vacuum cleaners by now, but most of us aren’t so familiar with robotic lawnmowers. It’s a relatively new invention, but it has the potential to change the way we view that weekly chore. One of the first robot lawnmowers to hit the market is the WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower and it’s quite simply a marvel of technology. It’s certainly a lot more expensive than your typical hand pushed lawnmower, but probably considerably cheaper than most riding lawnmowers at well under $1500.

Preprogrammed Out Of the Box

One thing that might make people that are considering buying such an item as a robotic lawn mower hesitate is the worry that these things might be difficult to program – you really don’t have to worry about that at all. This machine comes preprogrammed out of the box and it’s designed to handle all aspects of cutting a lawn.

A Lawn Cutting Pro

If you’ve got a nice yard with lots of little gardens and pathways you’ve probably put a lot of work into that and it’s something you’re proud of, but it might be another reason you’re doubtful about the usefulness of a robotic lawn mower. It turns out this little lawnmower is designed to make intricate cuts and navigate narrow passages so it can work around your little garden islands with ease, and it’s programmed to recognize your flower beds so it doesn’t destroy them.

Handles Those Hills

Some lawns are nice and flat, but that’s not always the case; if you have this type of lawn you know what a chore it can be chugging up those little hills – it’s certainly hard on the back. The Worx Landroid isn’t going to climb any mountains, but it is certainly capable of handling some uneven ground as it’s designed to climb and descend inclines of up to 20 degrees – more than adequate for most typical lawns.

Don’t Worry about Objects in Your Way

You might be wondering how this little machine knows to avoid obstacles in its way and the reason it can do that is because it has built-in shock sensors that warn it to steer clear of certain objects. It’s a very intuitive little machine and you do have the ability of adjusting its settings if need be.

Parks Itself

There are two situations in which this robotic lawnmower may need to return to its base – whenever it starts to rain and when it needs to recharge. Fortunately, it’s preprogrammed to know when the situations are a problem and it will automatically return to the base for you. You don’t have to pick it up and move it yourself, but you can rest assured if you do decide to give it an assist as soon as you lift it the mower will automatically shut off, preventing the potential for injury.


This Landroid robotic lawn mower is powered by a 28 V rechargeable battery, which means it’s fully eco-friendly and offers zero omissions; you don’t have to worry about your footprint on the environment. It’s perfect for the environmentally-conscious consumer and the other great benefit of being battery-powered is that it’s also very quiet when it’s being operated.

Customizable Schedules

On top of the mower is a keypad that you can use to program the machine to operate on a schedule of your choosing. If you want to run it seven days a week to ensure you always have a nicely manicured lawn you can do that, or you can pick and choose which days it will operate on. If you prefer you can also run it at night so that every morning when you wake up your lawn’s freshly cut; you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors because, as we’ve already mentioned, it operates extremely quietly.

Obvious Shortcomings

So far everything we’ve mentioned about this mower seems to suggest that it’s the answer to a lot of people’s dreams, but the reality is often far short of the promise and this may be true in the case of this little robotic lawn mower. For one thing, most customers complain that it takes hours to set up the perimeter wire properly – those are necessary for the robot to know its boundaries and not something you can avoid.

Another common problem that owners of this robotic lawnmower have complained about is that it often seems to shut down in the strangest places – sometimes right in the middle of your lawn for no apparent reason. It seems the programming bugs are still being worked out of this machine and while it does have a lot of promise it’s a long way from perfect.

It probably wouldn’t be such an issue to run into problems like the ones we’ve mentioned above if the customer service was excellent, but from many accounts that’s simply not the case with this robot. Several customers have complained that customer service is either difficult to get a hold of or not overly helpful with the answers that they offer. You would think with a new technology like this the customer service would need to be better than normal, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is This Just a Gimmick?

While I love the potential of this WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower I think it’s a product still in its infancy and not quite ready for prime time. I can see in a few years, as our computing power gets exponentially better and our machines are bordering on the edge of true artificial intelligence, that this could be a really helpful product, but there seems to be one too many issues with it at the moment to enthusiastically recommend it.