I’ve always been a fan of innovative products by manufacturers who aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith in an effort to try and re-imagine a product in a way that we’ve never thought of before. There are a lot of great lawnmower products out there including riding lawnmowers, battery-powered lawnmowers, corded electric mowers, and of course gas mowers, but it turns out there’s also another alternative for your grass cutting needs. In fact, there is a whole other category of mower that you might call a trimmer/lawnmower hybrid and they’re quite a practical little item.

I thought it would be useful to include one of these products on this review site as they offer something just a little bit different from what you may be looking for, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do the job that you need. The model we’re looking at here is the Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawnmower, which strikes a good balance between great features and an affordable price. You can expect this one to retail for well under $400.

Built for the Tough Stuff

You might be thinking at this point that a product such as a hybrid trimmer/lawnmower would only be useful as an afterthought, but that simply isn’t the case. This little machine by Remington is capable of cutting through some tough grass and can definitely take out those pesky weeds around the edge of your property. In areas where a standard lawnmower will often get bogged down, this hybrid mower can keep pushing through and get the job done.

Eye-Opening Power

This little trimmer/mower is a gas-powered model and you may be surprised to find out that it actually boasts a 150 CC Powermore 4-cycle OHV engine, which is far more powerful than a lot of typical lawnmowers on the market today. It’s this powerful little engine that allows it to cut through those tough jobs that we’ve described above.

Convenience When You’ve Done the Job

While this isn’t the lightest machine on the market at around 70 pounds, it is light enough to lift out of the way when you’re storing it in your garage. As a further convenience, the handle folds up easily for storage so, if you prefer, you can simply store it underneath a table or shelf out of the way. The key thing is that you do have options and that this little machine shouldn’t take up a lot of room in your garage or shed.

Offset Trimmer

What helps to set the Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawnmower apart from your typical lawnmower is that it also has an offset trimmer that stands out from the machine, allowing it to get to those hard-to-reach areas that a lot of mowers simply can’t tackle. Essentially, it can do some of the same things that a typical trimmer can do, but with a lot more power and with the comfort of a push handle design that’s easier on your body than a typical trimmer.

Wide Cutting Swath

Another factor that gives this trimmer an edge over a standard trimmer is that it cuts a much larger swath of grass or weeds. The cutting width is 22 inches, which will rival most moderately-priced gas-powered lawnmowers on the market today. For all practical purposes you get the best of both worlds between a trimmer and a lawnmower.

Standard Line

If you’re wondering what this machine uses to cut with, well, that’s pretty straightforward too – it uses standard 155 diameter trimmer line that you can buy at any hardware store or, of course, online. You don’t have to buy any special type of line direct from the manufacturer, which makes the machine very practical to use and maintain.

Large Wheels

This trimmer/mower hybrid only has two large rear wheels – there are no front wheels, making it easy to maneuver. Those wheels are an impressive 14 inches in diameter, which is another reason that the machine is able to work its way through rough terrain with ease.

What It’s Not

Before you rush out and buy one of these, though, you should be aware of a few things. This is not a lawnmower in the true sense of the word so it’s probably not the best product to use on straightaway areas of a typical flat lawn. You should probably still have a standard lawnmower for cutting the main parts of your lawn. Where this product really comes in handy is if you happen to have large ditches along your property that are difficult to reach with a standard lawnmower.
Another reason you may want to avoid using this type of machine for cutting the main part of your lawn is that it’s difficult to get an even cut with such a product. As we’ve already mentioned, it only has two rear wheels, which makes it difficult to keep the machine level. You may end up with a lawn that looks a little ragged and uneven.

A Great Idea

If you recognize what the Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawnmower is, I think it will only help you to appreciate the product that much more. This is not a replacement for your standard lawnmower; it’s more of a complementary tool that can help you to do the job. It’s much more powerful than the standard trimmer, but it’s not really meant to cut the main parts of your lawn. It can do that type of job, but it’s likely to result in an uneven cut. If you’re having difficulty with some hard-to-reach areas in your lawn or you have some ditches along your property, this product is ideal.