I’ve looked at quite a few self-propelled mowers in the research I’ve conducted in an effort to replace my existing mower and I have to say I haven’t always been impressed. The problem with these types of mowers is that they have a lot more mechanical parts, which means they can break down a lot easier and they’re also usually heavier than other mowers. I understand when you’re adding this type of technology into a lawnmower that there are going to be some trade-offs, but I’m not willing to sacrifice quality just because a feature might be able to make my life a little easier in the short term.

As you might have guessed, I’m not entirely sold on the benefits of a self-propelled lawnmower just yet, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. One mower that I did come across recently that seems to have some upside is the Poulan Pro 961420127 PR625Y22RHP. This is a self-propelled lawnmower that seems to have a fair number of favorable reviews. Perhaps the best part of it is the price as its priced well under $500.

Autochoke Engine

Anyone that owns an older model gasoline powered lawnmower will be quite familiar with the problems of having to prime your mower before use. You have to be careful you don’t overdo it as you can easily flood the engine if you’re not careful. Most mowers recommend 3 to 4 pumps on the choke, but it’s still a bit of a crapshoot. This Poulan mower is equipped with an autochoke feature which eliminates the need for the whole pumping process and ensures you never flood your engine by overdoing it.

Wide Cutting Path

If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend cutting your lawn you should be looking for a lawnmower with a wide cutting deck; the 961420127 PR625Y22RHP is quite competitive in this respect with a 22-inch wide cutting path. This allows you to finish cutting your lawn in a lot less time so that you can get back to the things you really want to be doing.

An Assist When You Need It

Yes, this mower is self-propelled and the process works pretty well. There is a simple trigger mechanism located on your handle and the speed is variable so you can set at a pace that works for you. It’s a great feature to have if you have a yard with a lot of hills, or a yard that’s a little bigger than average. You still have to do the walking yourself, but you don’t have to do the pushing.

Finding the Right Height

Each wheel on this mower is designed to be adjusted individually; while that may be a bit of a pain it does allow you a lot of freedom to adjust your wheels for every eventuality. There are also nine different height positions that you can choose from so that you can cut your lawn to whatever length suits you best. It’s nice to have options, but adjusting each wheel individually will take you a little extra time, so that’s certainly something to consider when you’re making your purchase decision.

Optimal Wheel Configuration

The wheels on this mower are not all the same height as the rear wheels are about 12 inches while the front one’s about 8 inches. This is actually a configuration I like though, as the larger rear wheels make it much easier to turn the machine and easier to lift it over obstacles as well.

3-In-1 Clipping Disposal Options

There’s nothing like a good mulch to provide a quick and easy way to fertilize your lawn and you can do that with this lawnmower. You also have the option of bagging your grass clippings or simply discharging them out of the side of your mower. Believe it or not many people prefer not to bag their grass clippings due to the extra work that’s involved with the disposal. Whatever your preference this Poulan Pro mower has you covered.

Complaints About Workmanship and Service

The complicated wheel adjustment mechanism we discussed at some length above isn’t the only issue with this mower. A few customers have complained about the workmanship and have even suggested that problems arose within a short period of time after their initial purchase. These people seem to be in the minority, but they also seemed dissatisfied with the customer service they received as well. I found this a little curious as there are a lot more people that appear to be quite satisfied with the level of customer service they received from Poulan when they ran into problems. I think a lot of times the experience you have with customer service personnel for any company is dependent upon the attitude you start out with.

A Quality Mower

While this mower isn’t without a couple of concerns, overall it’s a very good mower at a price point that most people will find appealing. It’s one of the most affordable self-propelled mowers I’ve come across, and it was also nice to discover that it comes with an autochoke feature that can help to prevent any issues when priming your mower. This seems to be a mower with a lot more positive attributes than negative ones and definitely one that deserves some serious consideration.