A few years back we bought a lawnmower with all the bells and whistles and we were quite happy with it for a time, but it wasn’t long before the extra features began to break down and our fancy lawnmower became nothing more than an expensive standard push mower. We had the electric start, we had the self-propelled feature, and we had the mulching feature, to name a few, so it was definitely disappointing when things began to go wrong. When I say a few years ago I’m talking about more than a decade ago, and from everything I’m reading these days lawnmowers with these types of features are much more reliable. So we’re starting to look around with the idea of giving it another go.

A mower that seems to have all the bells and whistles I’m looking for that caught my attention is the Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler XT6 OHV, Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower. This is an impressive mower that’s designed to make your life easier, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive for such a feature-packed lawnmower.

Electric Start

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve thrown my back out on more than one occasion yanking too hard on the cord of my lawnmower. Fortunately, this Lawn-Boy comes equipped with an electric start feature so all you have to do is turn the key and push the button and you’re off to the races. As I mentioned above, on my old mower I had this functionality but it broke down in no time. The manufacturer of this particular mower seems to have recognized that people might be a little leery of how long this feature will keep working and that’s why they’ve included something called a Tru-Start commitment. This assures the purchaser that the electric start will continue to work for three years or Lawn-Boy will fix it for you.

Larger Bag Capacity

My current lawnmower has a bag attachment for catching the grass clippings, but what’s frustrating about it is that it doesn’t hold very much grass at all. I have to continuously empty the bag every 5 or 10 minutes or so, which is more than a little annoying. This lawnmower comes equipped with a very large bag with greater capacity than average; you’ll spend less time making trips to the compost heap and more time actually cutting your lawn.

Easy Height Adjustment

On some lawnmowers adjusting the height can be a bit of a pain – you have to adjust the height for each wheel and it can take a little bit of time. More importantly, if you don’t get it just right your lawn will look very uneven and you’ll end up a little bit frustrated. This Lawn-Boy mower is equipped with a two point height-of-cut system which allows you to use a lever to adjust the height of two wheels at the same time making sure your lawn looks nice and evenly cut when you’re done.

The Engine Does the Job

This mower’s engine is made by Kohler and it features 149 CC’s with 6.5 pounds of gross torque – that’s more than enough to handle most standard cutting jobs. There’s nothing more disappointing than a lawnmower with an engine that simply isn’t powerful enough to handle the job and continuously bogs down in thick or wet grass.

No Choke, No Big Deal

Another feature that’s designed to make your life a little easier with this mower is that it includes a smart choke feature. That means you don’t have to prime the pump, as the lawnmower takes care of this automatically once you start the engine. It’s a simple and intuitive process that will take away another of the frustrations people face when cutting the lawn.

A Little Assist

The Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler XT6 OHV is also a self-propelled lawnmower that can make your life a lot easier if you have some physical limitations. I still probably wouldn’t recommend cutting the lawn if you have a heart condition, but if you have some minor physical ailments, knowing that your lawnmower will propel itself forward for you will definitely be a comfort.

Where Did the Wheels Go?

Perhaps the biggest complaint directed at this lawnmower is that the wheels and axles have a tendency to fall off after only a couple of uses. In fact, some customers even complained that this happened to them the first time they tried to use the mower. It would be easy to dismiss this complaint if it wasn’t something that more than two or three customers have complained about. I would suspect, though, based on the overwhelming majority of positive reviews of this mower, that it’s more likely that the wheels simply weren’t tightened properly out of the box for these customers, which should be a relatively simple fix.

The one issue that a couple of customers ran into with this machine that I do think is a little more serious is that if you run into engine issues Lawn-Boy will stand by their warranty, but they’ll actually refer you to Kohler to get the engine fixed. As far as I’m concerned this is poor customer service as, regardless of who made the individual parts of a mower, the company that I purchased it from should be taking care of everything for me. In my opinion, if you run into an engine problem you should be shipping the product back to Lawn-Boy and they should take care of getting it to Kohler for you. When I purchase a product I expect to deal with that company, and that company alone, should I run into problems.

A Mower With Some Great Features

In spite of the one or two problems we mentioned above, overall this seems to be a great mower with a lot of cool features. The fact that it has an electric start feature as well as being self-propelled definitely makes this model attractive. It’s got a powerful enough engine to do the job adequately, and the height is easily adjusted to suit your own particular needs. All in all it seems to be one of the better mowers out there these days.