When you start to get into the dog days of summer, cutting your lawn can become a real chore and that’s when you’ll probably become very thankful if you happen to own a riding lawnmower. They can certainly make the job go a lot easier, but it’s even better if you have the option to cut your lawn in the early evening as twilight’s approaching. In order for this to be practical you need to find yourself a riding lawnmower that comes equipped with a set of headlights so that you can see what you’re doing.

A great option for a riding lawnmower with headlights is the Husqvarna YTH24V48. It’s a sturdy and reliable model that will handle just about any cutting job you have in mind. It’s not the cheapest riding lawnmower on the market, but you do have to pay for liability and you can expect to pay under $2500 for this mower so it’s not unreasonable by any means.

Power Isn’t Lacking

This Husqvarna mower is the second one we’ve reviewed on the site that has a powerful 24 hp Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine. It’s a popular engine for riding lawnmowers because of its excellent power and reliability. With this engine you’ll have no problem cutting over rough terrain and as long as you’re careful you’ll probably rarely ever get stuck.

Get the Job Done in Less Time

How long it takes you to cut the lawn not only depends on whether or not you’re pushing a mower or riding one; it also depends on how much of the lawn you cut every time you make a pass. The average lawnmower can be a little frustrating because of the small blade width underneath your mowing deck. This riding lawnmower has a 48 inch wide mowing deck which is definitely above average and designed to help you cut your lawn in a lot less time.

Ride in Style

If you’ve got a large piece of property that’s more than a couple of acres chances are you may get a little tired of keeping your foot on the gas pedal the whole time and this Husqvarna YTH24V48 has a solution for that – it comes with cruise control. That means you can activate the cruise control and take your foot off the gas for those long straightaways which can be quite frequent if you’re cutting more than a couple of acres. It’s a great little feature that lets you ride around in style and without having to worry about your foot getting tired.

Everything’s Electric

The riding lawnmower I used as a kid was to say the very least a little bit of a frustrating experience. Every time you wanted to adjust the blades you had to turn off the machine, pull out your tools, and make the necessary adjustments. If I’m being honest I have to admit that when it came time for something like this I would generally ask my dad to do the job for me. These days I am the dad, but with this machine I probably wouldn’t have to worry about my kid asking me for help to adjust the blades; blade adjustments on this machine are handled with an electric engagement process. That means you don’t have to get off the machine and get under it to make the adjustment – you simply push a button.

Take on Those Acres

An important question you might want to ask when purchasing a riding lawnmower is how long you can expect it to last on one tank. This mower has a fuel tank capacity that’s just under 5 gallons, which means you can probably cut between 4 to 5 acres before you have to refuel – that’s pretty impressive and, for most of us, we probably wouldn’t have to refuel until after the job is done.

Don’t Worry about the Trees

Cutting a lawn with a ton of trees all over the place can be a bit of a challenge, but not if you have the right equipment. Most good riding lawnmowers these days are designed to turn in tight places and this machine by Husqvarna is no exception. Its turning radius is between 22 and 24 inches, which means it can easily navigate around most tight spaces including cutting around those large trees in your yard.

A Comfortable Experience

Another thing to consider if you have a large lawn is that it’s going to take you a bit of time even with a riding lawnmower so you want to be comfortable during the process. This riding lawnmower has a nice well-padded seat with a comfortable backrest and a pair of armrests to boot. With this machine you’ll be riding around in comfort and style and you probably won’t have to worry about icing your back when you’re done.

Ready for the Night

One of my favorite features of this machine as I alluded to in the opening of this article is the fact that it has a set of powerful headlights. You don’t have to worry when dusk is approaching as you can simply turn the lights on and keep going. Even with the headlights when the light does start to fail you can occasionally misjudge a turn; if that happens you’ll be comforted to know that this riding lawnmower also has a nice bumper on the front to protect it from damage – although I can’t necessarily say the same for the object it might come in contact with!

Time for a Pause

Of course this machine isn’t perfect by any means – in fact there have been many complaints about this machine by customers over time. One of the most frequent complaints is that the customer service Husqvarna offers leaves something to be desired. When a minor part wears out it seems they are reluctant to replace it even within the warranty period.

Perhaps a bigger concern is that this machine doesn’t seem to do very well on hills. When you’re going down a steep hill on this machine it actually has a tendency to slip, pushing you forward faster than you would like due to poor traction. This is an obvious safety concern and in my opinion would be enough to make me seriously consider whether it was a wise purchase – especially if I owned a piece of property with a lot of hills.

And the Verdict Is . . .

In general this machine by Husqvarna has a lot going for it. It has a powerful engine, it’s designed with comfort in mind, and you can keep cutting when it starts to go dark. What I wasn’t impressed with was the lack of customer support and the problem with traction on hills. In my opinion, if you own a relatively flat piece of property this machine is more than capable of doing the job, but if your land is a little more uneven I would probably look elsewhere.