At some time in our lives most of us have owned an electric corded lawn mower, and for me a corded electric lawnmower was the first one I owned once I moved into my first home. It was certainly economical and low maintenance, but my main problem with that first mower was that it didn’t seem to have the power to cut through some of the toughest grass – I was constantly having to turn it off, flip it over, and unclog it before continuing. I soon decided I wanted a more powerful gas mower, and while I might have given half a thought to the consequences for the environment I was more concerned at the time with finding a mower that could actually do the job.

These days electric lawnmowers have come a long way and they’re actually quite powerful. You’ll still have to put up with the cord, but you won’t have to worry about them getting bogged down cutting through that tough grass. One electric lawnmower that seems to be up to the job is the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawnmower. It’s also quite economically priced at well under $300.

Electric Power

This GreenWorks mower is not your father’s lawnmower. Due to its 12 amp engine it’s got a lot more powerful capabilities than you’re probably used to with that old electric lawnmower you might have used in the past. That’s more than enough power to cut through even the toughest grass and it won’t leave you frustrated wondering why each pass isn’t quite catching everything.

Compact Storage

One of my favorite features of this lawnmower is its easy storage capabilities. The handle actually folds up nicely on top of the mower body so that you can easily store it in just about any area out of the way. The biggest problem I have now with my current lawnmower is that the awkward handle always makes it hard to store it out of the way, which means it generally takes up more space than it really needs to. That’s not an issue with this mower as the manufacturers have considered this in their design.

Grass Clipping Options

We all have different opinions on how we’d like to collect our grass and this lawnmower gives you different options to suit just about any personality. If you prefer you can attach the bag for rear discharge, or you can switch it over to side discharge if you find that more convenient. If it’s early in the spring and you’d prefer to get rid of your grass clippings with a good mulch, that’s a feature that this machine has as well. Don’t worry, the clipping bag is included.

Easy Height Adjustment

My brother-in-law and I have very different opinions on what the proper height of a freshly cut lawn should be and that’s probably the case with a large percentage of the population. The great thing about this lawnmower is that you can adjust it to a height that suits you. There are seven different height positions to choose from, starting at 1½ inches all the way up to 3¾ inches; the adjustment is made easy with a simple lever located on the wheels.

Excellent Wheel Design

Speaking of the wheels, they are also well designed to make pushing your lawnmower around as easy as possible. At 10 inches the rear wheels are much larger than the front ones, which are 7 inches. Those big rear wheels are necessary to help push through some of the taller grass and the smaller front wheels make it much easier to navigate.

Manageable Weight

The GreenWorks 25022 corded lawnmower isn’t the lightest one on the market, but its weight is quite manageable at 56 pounds. You probably won’t want to be lifting it up every two seconds, but at that weight it’s easy for most people to move.

A Warranty That Works

Most lawnmower warranties that I’ve seen in recent years are generally between one and two years – not bad, but not overwhelming either. At four years this GreenWorks lawnmower has a much more impressive warranty than the average. The warranty covers both parts and labor, which is a pleasant surprise. The only issue you may run into is that some customers have complained that the customer service for this product isn’t the best and you may have difficulty getting through. If you don’t like those long waits in the line to get through to your utility company then you probably won’t be impressed with the customer service for this product, according to a lot of accounts.

Environmentally Friendly

Of course one of the best things about owning an electric corded lawnmower is that it’s definitely environmentally friendly. There are zero omissions produced by an electric lawnmower, which means you don’t have to worry about your environmental impact. Using an electric lawnmower may not save the planet, but at least you know you’ll be doing your small part.

Don’t Cut the Cord and Other Issues

There are some obvious concerns with an electric lawnmower that you have to keep in mind before purchasing. First of all, you have to make sure you have an outlet that’s within easy reach of your lawn and you need to make sure you have a cord that’s capable of reaching all areas of your lawn. But perhaps the biggest issue with owning a corded electric lawnmower is the fact that you have to be extra careful that you don’t accidentally run over the cord, cutting off your power or, worse, causing some sort of electrical fire.

Another problem that seems to be a little more disconcerting with this lawnmower is that several customers have complained that it stopped working properly within six months. The vast majority of customers did not run into this problem, but the fact that it was an issue for several customers is certainly a little bothersome. Considering it comes with a four year warranty, though, this shouldn’t be the end of the world.

More Positives Than Negatives

While you will have to worry about the typical problems that come with a corded lawnmower, this seems to be a pretty decent product overall. It’s got sufficient power to cut through most types of grass and it comes equipped with a clipping bag to make cutting the lawn less of a chore. I was also happy to find out that it provides you with the capability of adjusting your lawnmower height with seven different cutting heights available. The less-than-stellar customer service is certainly an issue, but at least it does come with a four-year warranty.