There always seems to be an ongoing debate among my family members over whether electric or gas-powered mowers are the best ones to own. In general, gas-powered mowers are more powerful and they do allow you to break free of cords, but there’s no doubting that they’re also more harmful to the environment. Cutting your lawn with an electric mower is also a much quieter experience and that has a lot of appeal for some people, so there are pros and cons on both sides. If you find yourself firmly in the electric mower camp there are some very affordable options that also do a great job of cutting your lawn.

One such option you may want to consider is the Earthwise 50220 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower – a pretty popular and seemingly reliable electric model. It’s considerably cheaper than most gas-powered mowers as well, so you won’t have to spend a fortune – this particular mower retails for well under $300.

Quick and Easy Height Adjustment

Having to adjust each wheel of your lawnmower individually if you want to adjust the cutting height of the mower is nothing short of frustrating – I know because I’ve owned mowers like this. This Earthwise mower has simplified the process considerably by providing one single lever for adjusting the height of all wheels at the same time. You can adjust the height as low as 1-½ inches off the ground or as high as 4 inches off the ground, depending on your personal preference.

12 Amp Engine

As far as power is concerned this mower relies on a 12 amp electric engine that’s certainly capable of getting the job done. As you might expect it doesn’t really have quite the oomph that a gas-powered mower does, but it’s got more than enough power to handle just about any small to medium sized lawn. It will even do a pretty good job of handling hills and rough patches on your lawn.

Cushioned Grip

Pushing a lawnmower around in the hot sun can be a tough job and that’s why Earthwise has included a nice, soft cushioned grip to make life a little easier on your hands. The other great benefit of a cushioned grip is that the vibration of the lawnmower won’t be as hard on the rest of your body. If you’ve ever tried pushing a lawnmower with no padding on the grip at all you’ll know just how uncomfortable that can be.

Intelligent Wheel Design

Lawnmowers generally come with two different types of wheel configurations – some have four wheels that are all the same size, but it’s becoming increasingly common these days to find mowers that have larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels. There are some real benefits to this configuration as the larger rear wheels make it easier to turn and navigate with your lawnmower. The Earthwise 50220 uses this latter configuration and as a result it’s quite an easy lawnmower to maneuver.

Standard 3-In-1

I think most of us these days would be hesitant to purchase a lawnmower that didn’t offer a 3-in-1 option to allow you to choose between mulch, bagging your clippings, and side discharge. You don’t have to worry about that with this mower; this option is included to give you the choice you need to ensure your lawn matches your expectations.

Cutting Width Isn’t Overwhelming

The one thing that really didn’t impress me about this lawnmower was its cutting width. The cutting deck on this mower is only about 20 inches wide and that’s a little below industry standard these days, meaning you’ll have to make a few more trips up and down the lawn before you’ve finished any lawn cutting session. That might not be a deal breaker for most, but it’s certainly enough to make you pause and think about whether the purchase of this mower is right for you.

A Weight You Can Manage

The great thing about electric mowers is that they don’t have as many moving mechanical parts as a gas mower, which means they are normally a lot lighter. The 50220 12 amp mower weighs in at around 60 pounds, which is definitely a lot lighter than most gas powered lawn mowers. You probably won’t want to be carrying it on your back, but you can easily lift it up when necessary, either to place it over an obstacle or for easier storage purposes.

Doesn’t Handle The Work

The cutting width of this machine isn’t the only thing to be concerned about – in fact there have been quite a few customers that have complained about the durability of the product as well. These customers have pointed out that it has a tendency to overheat after only a few uses and have also complained that parts have a tendency to break off after only a few months as well. In fairness, though, the overwhelming majority of customers actually love this mower and disagree with these assessments.

It Has Potential

The Earthwise 50220 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower isn’t going to blow you away with a lot of fancy features, but it does include most of the main features that people are looking for in a mower. It has 3-in-1 capabilities for handling your grass clippings, adjusting the height of the wheels is a simple process, and it’s got a nice cushioned grip to minimize the shock of your vibrating mower. While complaints about its durability are certainly to be taken seriously, most customers seem to be satisfied with the overall durability of the product. If you’re looking for an economical and eco-friendly mower that can get the job done, then this one definitely qualifies.