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About Us

What can I tell you about myself? I’m an average consumer just like you, looking for a great deal and a mower that would leave me satisfied every time I finished cutting my lawn. When I set out on my journey to find a replacement mower I soon realized just how much choice there was available to me and everybody else on the hunt for a new mower. It’s a rich product category with a lot of variety. I soon realized it wasn’t as simple as finding a mower that fit my budget – I also need one that would do a great job of cutting my lawn with the least amount of effort. That seemed simple enough, but as it turns out there were still more things to consider – did I want a powerful gas-powered mower or was it time to start thinking about doing my part for the environment?

It wasn’t long until I’d developed quite a lot of notes on the various products that I was considering, but I wasn’t satisfied with that either. I also wanted to know what all the various features that the lawnmower manufacturers were peddling really meant. Once I’d gathered all of this information together for myself, my wife suggested that I build this site and that’s how the idea was born. There’s a lot of information here, so hopefully it will help make your journey of discovery just a little less painful than mine.